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Kedish House Domestic Violence Center

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                                                                             Kedish House

509 1st Ave N, PO Box 322, Ellendale, ND 58436
Office hours are 9:30am-5:00 pm Monday- Thursday
Friday 9:30am--12:00pm
Office phone 701-349-4729 cellphone 701-349-5118
Toll Free: 1-877-349-4729
24 Hour Crisis Line 701-349-5118

Sharron Brady—Project Director
Marlene Rasmussen-Support Staff, Bookkeeper
Lynda Johnson—Advocate

Kedish House has been in existence since 1985 and serves the counties of Dickey, Sargent, LaMoure, Logan, and McIntosh. It is a center for families and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Assistance is available by calling Kedish House or calling the 24 hour hotline. Although Kedish House does not have an onsite shelter for victims, short term emergency housing is provided. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

Board of Directors
  • Gayann VanBruggan- Litchville                                                                 
  • Tammy Mathews-Cogswell                                                                        
  • Shirlin Simek-Fullerton                                                                                         
  • Cynthia Meidinger-Ellendale
  • Susan Robbins-Ellendale
  • Monica Jo Ptacek

Supervisory Board
  • Deb Merkel-Guelph
  • Sarah Weber-LaMoure
  • Sharon Wolff-Zeeland
  • Connie Aman-Wishek
  • Lynda Johnson-Forman
  • James Billey-Ellendale
  • Lori Brown-Ellendale
  • Corrine Stone-Ellendale
  • Sheila Wyum-Rutland
  • Lucinda Malm-Kulm
  • Emma Mann-Oakes
  • Candy Hansen-Forman


  1. Become informed – Learn more about domestic violence by contacting the crisis intervention center in your community and guide the victim to these services. 
  2. Lend a sympathetic ear – Offer support and be willing to listen and believe what someone is telling you.
  3. Remind them the violence is not their fault – The abuser is the one responsible for their own behavior.
  4. Help them develop a safety plan – Encourage the victim to develop a plan to protect themselves, and their children, if their partner becomes abusive again. Become a part of the victim’s safety plan.
  5. Know when to intervene – Domestic violence is a crime, and if you know that it is occurring, call the police immediately.

Upcoming Events at Kedish House


RAFFLE TICKETS GO ON SALE.  This year's raffle prizes are;  Quilt donated by Marge Anderson Family, Fessenden,  Weber Grill pack &  meat Gift Certificate—By Laurie Garrison, Oakes,  Large Air Fryer —By Tammy Mathews, Cogswell,  $100 Cenex Gift card--Shirlin Simek, Fullerton $100,  Cenex Gift card—Choice Bank,  Ellendale Gift Basket including Kedish House Cookbook, 2 colorful cups and soup mugs –by Kedish House.   Tickets may be purchased from our board members or stop at the office.  All funds raised go to help our victims and their families

Coming this fall

Kedish House will be looking for themed quilts for their quilt raffle this fall. If you are willing to donate a quilt for this fundraiser, please contact Kedish House.  

  • 509 1st Avenue North, Ellendale, ND, USA
  • Office Hours 9:30am-5:00pm Monday-Thursday Friday 9:30am-12:00pm

Better yet, see us in person! Please call before dropping in to see us. Sometimes our work takes us out of the office or we may be meeting with a client. Pleases know that if you are a victim or a friend or relative of a victim all information is confidential.

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                                                              Needs of Kedish House
We deeply appreciate the generosity of our communities. Our food pantry is smaller in size because it is only for our clients and their families, but needless to say, we give out food often to our victims and their families. We encourage our donors to donate non-perishable items such as; Cereal, jelly, pastas, instant rice, rice, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, chili, sloppy Joe mix, taco seasoning mix, stews, juices (no grapefruit or prune). Small cans of coffee, cooking oil & spray, seasonings-salt, pepper, vanilla, mustard and catsup. Applesauce, snack pack type fruits and puddings & jello, canned fruits, Misc. soups (dry or canned) crackers (all kinds), rice & pasta meals, instant potatoes, stuffing, tuna, canned chicken, tuna and hamburger helper, fruit snacks and pop tarts, canned vegetables (corn, green beans, carrots, mixed vegetables, peas), pork and beans, pancake mix, syrup, cake & brownie mix, cans of frosting, muffin mix Other items needed are, paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex), 13 gallon garbage bags, toilet bowl cleaners, furniture polish, liquid laundry soap, disinfecting wipes, powdered cleaners ,Shampoo, conditioner & body wash, deodorant

Monetary donations
Consider making a memorial or honorarium to Kedish House or simply a contribution to our mission.
Mail it to:
Kedish House
PO Box 322
Ellendale, ND 58436
Thrivent Choice Dollars®  Make a meaningful contribution
Think of the impact that can be made if you—along with other eligible members of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans—make recommendations through Choice Dollars® directly to
KEDISH HOUSE. Your funds help us in our mission of reaching out to families that have been living in violent homes. Simply go to choice or call 800-THRIVENT and state “Thrivent Choice.” Individually, we can all make a difference.